Some pictures and comments from recent customers

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I received the following comment from a great customer in Florida following Hurricane Matthew:
HI Mitch,

It has been a busy couple of days.  If not the first, one of the first Chicken Safe Runs to survive a direct hit from a CAT 4 Hurricane.
Had to remove the tarp but that was the only modification.  I'm tired but will send pix tomorrow.

Blessings,  Stan and Lois

Hi, I purchased a 13x13 run in the winter and have just got it and the garden finished for spring.
My 6 week old Belgian D'Anvers are fledged and go in next week.
I am very pleased with the quality of the run. I modified the dimensions to fit my 8x13 site.
I used the cut down diagonal poles to extend the uprights and put the door to the side.
I think it turned out nice and would recommend these runs to all in the hobby.
Thanks, Mike T Seattle WA.


We have recently ordered a 13x13 enclosure and it was delivered faultlessly. It took some time and patience to construct but we followed the instructions to the letter. We live in the south of Spain and were keen to separate our ducks from our chickens.
We are delighted with the new area and thought you may like to see a couple of pics of the finished article.
Thank you soooo much.
C and G

“Originally I bought a 6x13 run which arrived very quickly. I then had problems with the chicken coop I had purchased elsewhere and had to ring up Chicken Safe and asked if I could possibly purchase the extra poles, fittings, mesh and ties to make the bigger 13x13 run. John couldn’t have been more helpful and as I didn’t live too far away I was able to pick the poles up the same day.
I decided I was going to paint the poles etc. so that it blended in to my garden but it isn’t necessary. It was very easy to put together and took us no time at all. Attaching the mesh is more fiddly but we wanted to make it as fox and rodent proof as possible so took our time over it. I went back a second time to purchase a cover for the run. Even I managed to put that on and tie it on with the elastic fittings, easy enough for a woman to do! Everything is just great quality!

I can’t recommend Chicken Safe highly enough for their customer care and eagerness to help! I know my chicken friends are very impressed with my whole set up and I have been asked many times where I got the run from and I have eagerly told them.
Thank you so very much!”
Angie T

Chicken Safe- Testimonial - Nov 2013
My 13x13chicken run, now with an additional 6x13 added, is a fabulous home safe home for my chickens.  Where alot of my friends have had badgers and foxes get into their runs, and where they have chicken wire which has quickly rusted, my spoiled chicks have so far been safe in their sturdy run.   Quality housing for my quality chickens...!  Thank you.


The run looks great in the garden and will be great to support climbing roses and honeysuckle as well as housing the hens safely. Thank you. It really is the best chicken run out there! M.C.


I am absolutely delighted with my chicken run for dogs! Mitch patiently answered what must have seemed like my never ending questions. The kit arrived in less than a week. It would have cost me 1000s to have my garden entirely fenced so the chicken run is a cheaper alternative, as well as separating the dogs from my guests, who don't always love dogs !

My run was put together by a friend's son so is not the most professional finish, BUT the structure is strong, secure, excellent assembly instructions, and my dogs can't wander. Am gradually going to add some shade from the sun, and a raised bed as the dogs love it so much.
Excellent value for money, superb service.

Fabulous chicken run. Safe from foxes & even my pointers can't get in. Prompt delivery and easy to erect. Even by my diy-a-phobic husband!

Thank you. Karen

After suffering 2 ninja chickens 'owning' the back garden, I bought the chicken run from Chicken Safe. Delivery was fast and Mitch at Chicken Safe was very helpful with rapid responses to emailed questions and phone calls. The instructions were easy to follow and the result is a safe, secure chicken run that gives me back my garden.

D. Smith

"Very good construction and materials, superb quality and relatively easy to build. Great communications and service from Chicken Safe. Buy with confidence and feel confident leaving your animals free to roam!"
DC. Herts