Here are some frequently asked questions from our customers:

Q. How long is delivery?
A. Goods are shipped within 2 working days after cleared payment, by UPS. Delivery times are subject to courier estimates and depend on delivery location, but delivery is usually 3-4 days.
Q. How does it come delivered?
A. Our products are self-assembly. Depending on the size ordered, you will receive boxes of long poles (up to 7ft long), a box of brackets and all fixings, timber door kit and rolls of welded wire mesh.
Q. What tools do I need?
A. Tools required include wire cutters / drill and bits / screwdriver / hammer / tape measure.
Q. How hard is it to assemble?

The run is most easily constructed by two people. The poles push into steel brackets and are secured with a wing bolt. The door kit is all pre-drilled, so it just needs screwing together. The mesh comes on rolls up to 60 ft. long. You will need to cut set lengths, pull them up over the frame, and then down the other side. The wire is secured to the frame with nylon ties, pulling it tightly as you go.

Q. Do I need any special DIY skills?
A. No, just time and patience! The instructions are written in a step-by-step way with pictures and handy tips. Fitting the mesh is not difficult but is fiddly and time-consuming, but the more patience you give it, the better finish you will get.
Q. What about the skirt?
A. When the mesh is made up and fitted, there is excess mesh which is laid out on the ground and pegged down to deter tunnelling predators. The size of the skirt depends on the run ordered but is typically 12" or more. This can easily be cut back if it is too big.
Q. How many birds can I keep in a particular size run?
A. We get asked this a lot, but it is a question we don’t like to answer. Everyone has their own feelings about space for chickens. Our best advice would be to mark out the size of run on your ground so you can visualize how big it will be.